Turn your pain into power. 


In these one-on-one sessions, I am devoted to helping you soothe
and transform emotional distress, break old patterns keeping you stuck and bring you clarity, peace and
 a little more 

Only 3 spots available in APRIL 2021

Email to book your session.

"Working with Hannah has had such a profound impact on my emotional and spiritual growth. Her caring, patient and nurturing qualities along with the beautiful space she creates helped me feel safe to share and be vulnerable. I leave the session with new insight and perspective, a calm mind, and clarity on the issues I was struggling with. I've changed patterns or behaviour where I felt stuck and now I feel so much more free. This work has changed my life" ~ Theresa Data



  • To have more freedom, spontaneity and purpose

  • To connect to your intuition and feminine side

  • To trust yourself fully and know what's right for you in each moment.

  • To accept and love ALL the things about yourself. 



  • To learn what's blocking you from having an  intimate connection and spiritual bond
    with another person.

  • To solve a recent relationship issue. 



  • To feel confident in yourself and your body. 

  • To help deal with pain, anxiety, worry or other emotions and develop emotional strength.

  • To change or break patterns that keep you stuck.


  • a sacred, safe space for therapeutic conversation 

  • insight to the origin and cause of the problem you're facing

  • help to access your own inner guidance and intuition

  • trauma release to transform old patterns & release past or present pain

  • a new perspective to help you see all that you're capable of

It could be totally experiential or very similar to therapy.
I lead with my intuition and
 use processes like; breath work, movement, visualisation, emotional release, shadow work and more. Sessions are 90 minutes, in person or online. 


What can we 
do in 1 session?

Work on one recent issue that’s come up that you’re having trouble with. It could be your work, spouse, friend and it’s causing some emotional turmoil.

$150 USD

What can we 
do in three sessions?

Address a recurring issue that's been negatively affecting your life. If you're 
really NEW to this
kind of work, 
it's good to start
with 3 sessions. 

$360 USD

What can we
do in six sessions?

Work to heal core wounds from childhood, limiting beliefs and old patterns. This is for someone who  wants to go deeper and make bigger changes.

$540 USD

Minimum of 3 sessions, if you’ve not worked with me before.

**For Malaysians only, please get in touch for special rates.** 
To book any of these sessions or find out more please email me at:

"Since your session, the headaches and tiredness have quickly dissipated. I have

been more engaged in my teaching and healing and I feel I have reached a great of mind for work. Your healing gave me good rest and cleared a lot of past traumas. I

 feel energised and I am starting the week with a lot of motivation. "
~ Olivier 
Di Tulio