SHE who turns within Awakens



   the ROSE

A 5 Day Retreat that helps women deeply connect to their innate feminine power  through ritual, nature, inward exploration and sisterhood.


"She helped me to awaken depths of myself that were lying dormant.

It turns out that they were not absent, as I thought they were, just untapped.

And she’s shown me how to reach them."   ~ Kristy, J 

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desire to know yourself so deeply but don't know 

where to start. 

Turn your fear into ferocity your heartbreak into beauty

and your struggle into magic Life into alchemy

I think some of the most powerful things a person can learn is from their own realisations, from being given experiences, practices, space to see themselves and their truth from the inside out. That they’re pointed in the direction of their own power, ability to self resource and find self love.

Not from me telling you what to do, but from me helping you figure it out 


The main thing I want to leave women with are tools, practices and enough knowledge to navigate their life and the world from the inside out. To know their femininity as a strength, and feel deeply rooted in their bodies as the centre of their power.

FEEL . Soften . . LISTEN

Hi, I'm Hannah

I'm so pleased you found me

You're in the right place

Rest here,

for just a moment. . .

slow down, breathe,