the revolution within

Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm so glad you're here. 


I have no doubt that,

And if you're reading this you're part of the revolution.  


I'm a woman emerging, just Like you.  

Emerging Women . . .

Lead with their heart and intuition. 

Know what matters most is “I LOVE ME” first. Speak their truth whether or not it’s comfortable. Stop trying to please, or be polite to make others happy. Let go of striving, pushing and 
killing themselves to feel worthy. 
Aren’t satisfied with just “ok", and instead reach for the extraordinary and deeply fulfilling.

Become unshakeable, un-mess-with-able . . .
and can face anything!

What most women don’t know is that the journey to become that wise, unshakeable, unmesswithable woman is a process with distinct phases and points of transition. Each initiation brings its own insights, wisdom, teachings and richness that is unique to every single woman. The journey is about uncovering and peeling back the layers that keep us from being our fullest selves. We become whole when we can say;

“I lived without regret, I chose what really matters, and I kept asking what would I do if I wasn’t afraid?”


To know who you are and who you're not IS a revolution. 

HOW DID I GET HERE ? My first initiation was a wake up call.


I was in a country thinking that I'd travelled to be with the love of my life but ended up pretty much on my own with very few skills to offer to make a living. You know you've hit rock bottom when you've no option but to ask your friends, "do you have someone to clean your house?".

It was an adventure, and it revealed one of the biggest lies I told myself, that another person's love was more valuable than my own

Ever since then, I've been looking at every single lie I've adopted about what I couldn't say, what I couldn't do, who I couldn't be, and what I wasn't allowed to feel and I've redefined who I am and who I'm not. I began my inner revolution and that lead me to my purpose. 


I help women find the truth of who they are and live it.

I do that by showing you how to be in relationship with the most important person, YOU.
How to navigate all the things that 
throw you off your centre so you can start your inner revolution as an EMERGING WOMAN.