Corporate Wellness

It's not just a workshop, 

it's an experience. 


Bring Women’s Wellness to Your Workplace

When you're overwhelmed, over stressed, or feeling undervalued, it's difficult for you to access your creativity, solve
complex problems and use your unique talents. My Women's Wellness Workshops are designed to bring you back to balance.
Not just for the moment, but long term, so that you can begin feeling good consistently.


Ultimately, you should walk back into your workplace feeling:

with self-care tools and practices to keep nourishing yourself.
in yourself, your strengths and what you have to offer.
and grounded in your body, which brings a sense of peace. 
you may experience a shift of perspective. 
What may have seemed out of reach is now possible.

and willing to connect with others, even if you're an introvert!

Each workshop can be experienced on its own or as part of a wellness day, staff retreat, 
or short-term weekly programme and customised workshops are available on request. 


Please email, Leana at for rates, scheduling
and more information.

Bring Kindness To Your Workplace
(Create a Thriving Work Culture)

We spend the majority of our waking hours at work and we're expected to know how to work and live together harmoniously. That hasn't been part of our education. A thriving work culture is built on authentic relationships, which can only be sustained through open, honest and kind communication.

When you feel: 
connected to your co-workers, significant and part of the team, valued for your opinion and
safe to be yourself . . . .
the quality of your health and wellbeing improves. 

These workshops fill in the gaps to help you speak with more clarity, interpret things that are unsaid,
and listen with compassion so when you're at work it feels like family.


Each workshop can be experienced on its own or as part of a  wellness day, staff retreat, or short-term weekly programme and customised workshops are available on request. 

Please email Leana at 
for rates, scheduling and more information.

"Hannah has such a beautiful and welcoming presence that helped us all immediately feel at ease. She was able to communicate clearly and effectively, drawing out our 
very best and I walked away from the session forever changed and marked by such a sacred powerful time together. It was both empowering 
emotionally and practically with an array of tools that I know I will lean on and  draw from in my career as well as marriage and motherhood. This is really Hannah's calling in life." ~ Racheal Kwacz