Behind her gentle demeanour is a ultra-intuitive soul who is able to tap into the recesses of the psyche to draw out what needs to be resolved. As a consultant myself, I truly only recommend clients to coaches like Hannah, whose myriad of personal experiences and journey give her a strong perspective to draw upon. With Hannah, you can truly let down your guard and put full trust into the process. Her beautiful & soothing speaking/ singing voice is also an amazing conduit for connection. I would strongly recommend her especially as a circle leader and for powerful one-on-one sessions. Jessie, Lee - Speaker 

If you are needing to shed light on any area of your life that seems shrouded in confusion, or you’re actively looking to cut the cords of your past to help you move on from a relationship or situation that is no longer serving you, Hannah is one such healer who will be able to help you connect with your highest self to intuitively guide you back on to your soul’s path.


She has a natural ability to compassionately understand what you’re going through as if she’s feeling what you’re feeling. She lovingly holds the space for you to let go of your past without any judgment so that you can safely and fully express yourself, which is a therapy in itself, just to be heard. I am profoundly grateful she has been there for me when I really needed a listening ear and some guidance when I was not ‘clear’ enough to connect with my own inner wisdom.


She is a very powerful healer who works with unconditional love, integrity and a sword-like quality of perception that enables her to get right to the heart of the matter. Her intuition and gut feelings are invaluable tools she works with in navigating the direction and structure her sessions take. There’s never a set formula where ‘one size fits all’ so you never know what to expect in her sessions because every session is different. Yet, each session seems uniquely tailored to you, to help you access the answers to your burning questions or rediscover the path to your soul’s destiny.


I would strongly recommend you try a session with Hannah for yourself to fully experience how enlightening, insightful and accurate she is as a healer, with the ability to impact some profound changes in your life ~ Jojo Struys  

As someone new to the personal coaching and femininity space, Hannah was able to instantly make me comfortable with the welcoming energy she has. 


Through her insightful women's retreat and coaching session, I received a very personal experience that I never realized I needed at this time in my life. The intimate group setting gave me a safe space to connect with other women on our shared experiences, and my individual session with Hannah helped me uncover the strength I was seeking to finally make more positive changes and expand my personal growth. Hannah is inspiring and highly recommended to anyone looking to learn more about themselves. 

Tiffany, Wong ~ 

Hannah’s gift for activating all that is powerful in women has brought a sort of alchemy to my life which has triggered a radical improvement in the quality of my very existence.


Hannah is a catalyst for transformational change - of the long-lost, potently feminine kind. She possesses a rare pairing of two dimensions: a firm grounding in the tough realities we face as women today, and a strong line to ancient and mystical ways. 


She helped me to awaken depths of myself that were lying dormant. It turns out that they were not absent, as I had always thought, just untapped. And she’s shown me how to reach them.


I now stand strongly and proudly rooted in who I truly am. I back myself. I trust my deeper sense of knowing and my wisdom. I know that I can face difficulties – darkness, suffering, uncertainty – and handle it.  I’m tuned in to my intuition, and willing to act on the signals it gives me. I have faith in the value of my offerings, ideas and opinions. I allow my creativity to flow and my voice be heard with much less fear (some still lingers, but this I continue to work on). My clarity of intention is greatly enhanced, both in daily life, and the bigger picture. I hear my calling. I see beyond ego-driven impulses in myself and others.  I embrace what is uniquely me. I feel the thrill and the privilege of being alive.


Many of my old patterns and long-standing issues continue to fall away.  These include a near-permanent state of stress and anxiety. Gut-wrenching self-doubt. Endless comparison with others. An all-consuming drive to please and be perfect.  The need to be “good” and “correct” and “nice”. The urgency to supress and hide real emotion. Forever apologising for my “flaws”. And an inability to see what is precious and beautiful all around me, and in me.


To get there, I’ve had to shed a skin: a stubborn, self-sabotaging one. And Hannah provided a safe, non-judgemental space in which to do the work. Under her steady guidance I was encouraged to get messy: confess, wail, sob, sing, dance, rest, write, breathe, read (I mean, who ever gives you permission to do these things!). Whatever it took. And the whole way through, I knew that all was well. I was understood. I was accepted. I was valued. Exactly as I was. In fact, I was learning to do what women are designed to do. This process is natural, healthy, and necessary. And it’s beautiful. I just didn’t know about it.


Hannah has helped me to fill in many missing pieces in my education as a woman. Chief among them is how to work with my inner world: emotions, hormones, spirit, energy, cycles, and senses. Also up there is how to shape rituals which harness and strengthen my power, and how to gather with other women as allies, sisters, friends.  I have now begun to pass this to my daughter.


Hannah is not just incredibly articulate, insightful, and intelligent. She’s wise. She sees, hears and senses deeply and clearly. She’s at once very gentle and very strong. She’s real and kind.


And to top it off, she has a fabulously rich, deep laugh that comes right from her belly and soul, which I can’t get enough of. Makes me smile and tingle just to think about it.


If you are ready to find the part of you that is magnificent, to get onto your true path, to figure out who you really are, to put an end to feeling like you’re lost and drifting, or to step into your power, then Hannah is for you. 


She’s a real-life, living and breathing, modern day, badass goddess.  ~ Kristy, J 

"Hannah’s feminine superpower series was absolutely incredible and transformational. She has an eye for detail and did a beautiful job to create a beautiful, radiant, and safe space for us. I looked forward to every single one of the Sunday sessions and found the hours would fly by with the learnings, visualizations, decoding, and energy work! Hannah was able to hold this space for 2 or 3 of us just as effectively as a private session. We were able to really dive within to break through some longtime barriers. I even noticed the change as it manifested in my dreams. I’ve never dreamt in color my entire life, but just weeks after a breakthrough session with Hannah, I was able to put my learnings into practice and found that I also started dreaming in color! The workshop opened up my eyes to a whole universe I never knew existed about femininity, how we work, and how to let our inner goddess shine. I am better and more radiant woman as a result of Hannah’s work. She truly has a gift that I believe every woman should experience!" ~ Cynthia, W

Dear Hannah


I really enjoyed the session today and cant wait to put what u suggested into practice.U really inspired me to be the best i can be and to find happiness within myself first before expecting others to make me happy.


Though some things discussed are easier said than done but i believe if i take baby steps now i will be able to achieve my goal on being treated like a queen in my relationship.

Thank you for helping me repair the cracks in my relationship. Im really glad i attended ur workshop. Now im truly looking forward to a happier me. Im sure u will be able to change other peoples lives the same way u have done for me. Thank you and may god bless u always. ~ R. N 

Hannah embodies absolute love, wisdom & intuition in everything she touches. It is almost as magical as it is awakening to the soul. She has tapped & harnessed into my feminine, spiritual powers within & has brought forth the potential of my purpose & higher self in all aspects of my life. She will inspire & empower you, and give u clarity to ascend in every possible way. For that I am eternally grateful for her light & guidance. ~ Jasmine, K